The Victory Garden in my urban oasis gives students the opportunity to transition from their busy lives to a place of beauty and peace before entering the piano studio. They check on the doves that nest in the tree stump standing quietly in the right spot so as to not frighten them. Their curiosity is piqued by the red fruit dangling on the miniature tree next to the walk. They ask “can I eat one?” to which I answer “Of course, but beware. The fruit is a sour crabapple.” They check on the goldfish to see if they are active or hibernating during the winter. I often see students and siblings romping through the grassy interior of the garden before lessons.

Fragrances and colors, delicious fruits for tasting (peaches, apples, cherries, melons), flying insects, and a miniature house with elves standing guard at the door often leads to inspired music improvisations. Adults also ask many questions about the garden before and after lessons. My little garden has become the gateway for peaceful happy lessons.

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