Adult students play recitals two to three times a year.  A memorable one took place during the holidays 2020.

It’s Never Too Late In Life To Study Piano

Adult students are highly motivated to learn and bring enthusiasm to lessons. I truly enjoy teaching adult pianists. Lessons may be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Adults have opportunities to perform in adult recitals (not public) and take exams if those are your goals. I will help you prepare for that special occasion or program. The journey is yours.

Adult Student Testimonials:

“One of the things I love about Linda is that she never stops learning and she shares her learning with her students. She tells you about a class she took or a conversation she had or something she’s read or listened to recently and gives you a fresh idea that makes you see what you’re working on differently. Her enthusiasm — for both music and her students — is contagious. Her respect for her students — from beginners to advanced — is obvious. She has been flexible, adaptable, and encouraging of my musical goals as they’ve unfolded, and I expect she is the same with all of her students.” – retired professor

“As a retired adult who regretted giving up piano as an adolescent, I was delighted to find Linda! She is extremely patient and positive in all aspects. She seems to instinctively know what I can handle, what will be good for me, and what I like. She inspires me to fit practice into my busy schedule, but is understanding when I am overwhelmed with other aspects of my life. I am definitely improving, and to top it off, I always have fun at my lessons!” — retired musician, artist, designer

“Linda is passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge of music with her students. Within just a few years, she has built Bon Voyage into a studio that is teeming with opportunities for beginners and more experienced students alike.”

— author, actress, musician