It starts here.

General music instruction for young people includes music theory, ensemble playing, improvisation, and basic composition. The activities are playful and teaching materials encourage hands-on learning. Correct posture and proper piano technique are integrated into learning pieces. The choice of music method depends upon the age of the student and their commitment to regular practice. Poise and confidence develops with every studio party or recital. Everyone gets to improvise music, pick out melodies, and notate their compositions in lessons.

As students progress to the intermediate level, music choices expand. Jazz and blues and movie and video music are popular. Students ask for the songs of their favorite popular artists and create their own arrangements. Students play church music and perform in services. Intermediate and advancing students play in an increasing number and variety of venues. At this stage of musical study, students are discovering their true preferences and the journey continues.

Advanced students compile portfolios of music for various purposes and are encouraged to complete RCM certificates. The exams will prepare budding professional musicians for continuing music study. The music lover and hobbyist will have a sound musical foundation for the rest of their lives if they follow the RCM curriculum.